As all the talk about the messy,dirty,noisy ‘fracking’ rumbles on I have been listening to the whispers about Thorium replacing Uranium in nuclear reactors.  A Thorium reactor has two amazing qualities;

1] It can burn present radioactive waste

2] Virtually no radioactive waste itself.

‘Compared with solid-fuelled reactors, MSR systems have lower fissile inventories, no radiation damage constraint on fuel burn-up, no spent nuclear fuel, no requirement to fabricate and handle solid fuel, and a homogeneous isotopic composition of fuel in the reactor.  These and other characteristics may enable MSRs to have unique capabilities and competitive economics for actinide burning and extending fuel resources.’

“You could fly a plane into one of these things and all that would happen is the fuel would leak out and solidify. No radioactive gas cloud, no meltdown. Safety in standard nuclear reactors comes from complicated electronics and high-pressure cooling systems.”

Apparently there is also far more Thorium in the world than Plutonium,it was once used in those old gas mantles !!   Because of thorium’s abundance, it will not be exhausted in 1,000 years

I retained an article from an Irish report that says Thorium has been tried & tested over a 5 year period in the 60’s , but was dropped because it does not produce the Plutonium needed for a nuclear bomb !

Then I see this morning a link in the DT comments led me to see that Rolls Royce of all people are researching this very type of power, they already use Thorium in their engine manufacturing.

This has to be the best news & solution to our fuel problems,clean, safe & long term…make the newer build reactors fit to use Thorium.

Other countries are researching the possibility Australia, China, India and the Czech.

Whether we could dig up all existing nuclear waste & dispose of it I’m not sure but it does sound highly likely,burying it never made any sense to me at all, what that did was simply kick the problem down the road for our grandchildren to cope with.

What’s not to like about this, it’s modern & long term unlike fracking ?

Rolls Royce and Thorium – It’s all about to happen!!!