Not only is this good news for the British Christians, it’s really good to see Christians actually fighting for their beliefs after some vandals tried to burn down their Cathedral &  being victimised  in many Muslim countries…as we hear so often in other countries.

More than 65,000 people congregated to defend their faith. Bikers turned up [ Cheech will love it,others can always fast forward that bit ] in their hundreds to make it the most bizarre & unusual church event.  The pageantry inside the church is opulent & quite magnificent.

I love the related article too, you don’t have to agree with it to get the picture, which refers to Obama as Mr Hope & Change.

‘Not so fast Mr. Hope and Change. Haven’t you heard? There’s a new Sheriff in town in the Middle East. President Putin reminded Barry that he’s in charge.’

‘The western media will warp the truth as usual. They will not show the entire video of Putin and Obama fearing that Americans will see things as they are and wise up.

No mention of Christianity under attack in the Middle East and North Africa. Loud music and commanding voices will tell American citizens what to think andwho to hate as they become mesmerized by their idiot boxes. Little is mentioned of Christians or priests murdered in Syria or the Christian Bishops that were kidnapped. Again the western cry is here reiterated, “What difference does it make! Assad must go!” Amerikan Demonocracy’

This shows the deceit of the West, they want to rush in, not to help Syrians, but to dump Assad…who has protected Christians  & minorities, whilst  the West has ignored the plight of  Copts & other Christians in the M E.

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