I’ve been meaning to do something about this old bench & table for years, each time I ventured into a neglected part of a shrubbery it was there in its rotting state begging to be rescued.




This week I have started, after struggling to remove the rusted bolts, I had to resort to sawing them off…all 28 of them !  Actually once I got stuck in I found it quite rewarding. 😉
The worst part was trying to get the new wooden slats, not easy when the wood cutting place said they could only cut lengths not widths, I knew they didn’t do curves but this was new to me.

So, it was a case of shopping around to find the correct widths & then reducing the length myself.
Here you can see  the finished bench,I have recycled some seat slats for the back rest & replaced the seat lengths, I will do the matching table with wood from my shed,of which I have plenty, the top is not width critical so it won’t matter too much.


Finished bench circa 1980 not brilliant but certainly an improvement. & now serviceable 😉