I felt I should just say how sorry I am she’s having such a torrid time. The pain of separation is bad enough without having to see it blasted out from every news stand & TV bulletin.

I always admired her, loved her lazy cooking, she has faced adversity so many times in her 53 years,yet still made it in business successfully.

She seemed to have everything but as we now know it all came at a price. I did wonder about her weight loss.

I’m not going to be corny & say ‘I share your pain ‘ Nigella, but I do know how she feels.

Many are saying she cannot go back to him because of her American career,that’s bunkum, I’d say she shouldn’t because of her children,rowing with a husband is one thing but rowing with a man who is not their father, abusive as he clearly is , can be heartbreaking & frightening for them.

Being in love with a man who humiliates & controls you in such a way hurts yes, either way together or apart, there will be pain so going back solves nothing,but you will be stronger apart than together.

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