Table is finished, this has been made up from scraps of wood, what I thought was going to be straight forward turned out to be quite a fiddle in the end. I have added a couple of stringers beneath the surface to strengthen it.
The table & bench have had to be further darkened with wood treatment due to the different types of wood used so as to marry them all together.


All week I have been watching the antics of these two little spotted Flycatchers in the evenings. Their skill is amazing as is their routine,they work for a while, catch supper & then sit for quite long periods,if not on a branch of the Judas tree then on my telephone line or Philadelphus.
They are building a nest behind that light the female [?] is sitting by, I have tried to get them in the same shot on that beam but failed so far…but will continue trying. I do so hope I see some young !