I cannot get far enough back to show the true height of this climber, but the flowers are at the back of the tree  & the lane side too.

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Amazing,this Yucca was almost chopped up last year,I thought it ugly & it had never flowered,then it threw up one spike,so had a reprieve,now look what it’s done this year !

The flowers are quite beautiful for all it’s none flowering ugliness.


It’s been another busy week, more furniture shunting with the carpet fitter. What a nice man [English] brilliantly efficient & helpful, nothing was too much trouble,all he asked for was a regular flow of tea, so, I made sure he had a pot of tea at all times throughout the day.
I watched him repeatedly taking bedroom doors down the stairs to shave/adjust the foot of each, then up again to re-hang them…..in temperatures of 30 +. luckily I have plenty of doors & windows for a breeze to keep the temperature down.
The first floor now looks twice the size with a bleached sand colour carpet running right through the whole area & a lovely smell of new carpets.
My Spotted Fly Catchers are still in & out of the nest,hopefully this time next week I shall be able to report hearing some ‘cheeps’ coming from that direction ?