This maybe too grand for some tastes but…..I’m very pleased with the outcome, it lightens what was just a dark opening in summertime.I’ve spent years trying to find something big enough for this space.
If it looks big in the photos that’s because it is. ūüėČ
Bearing in mind it’s in a room with a soaring vaulted ceiling¬†three floors high ¬†so it’s actually a perfect size & for such a large space.

Photo taken from the mezzanine.

Here’s how it was done, I used a garden trellis frame, of which I have five now redundant,since building the cabin.

I’m not sure I shall keep the curved trellis top ,but have decided to live with it for a while as is, it could be cut off or covered in some way.

I took a photo of the Lion motif from an old chunky sweater , made a stencil & much the same with all the other motifs & patterns.

I made some changes to the original design¬†,¬†in the lower left-hand corner of the shield after a slight mishap………and much bad language at my clumsiness .