But I keep thinking about Cymbeline. I think her absence is due to her house move,so I’m hoping it is all going well for her & I admit, with a little envy.
It was August when I came over to France to finalise the purchase of my first French house [ this house] the weather was scorching hot & the agent had failed to fulfil my instruction to get the water turned on for that day.
How he thought me, my son & daughter were going to spend our first week-end without water in August, I don’t know.
When I tried the tap before heading to the Notaires office & no water flowed,he airily said ‘no problem the water people are coming next week’.

So off we went to the Notaire’s where I met the about to be ex-owners, I apologised to them saying I could not sign.….the sellers nightmare buyer ! I enjoyed seeing the agents dismay.
Of course I was going to sign, but only when the water had been turned on.
The Notaire made an emergency phone call to the water board & two hours later he arrived saying it was done.
We then proceeded to have the deeds [ yawn] read in French & all translated into English by the agent……..a young rude & arrogant little **** who had omitted to mention quite a lot to me the buyer !

A day when so many mistakes were made & too many to mention now.

So, Cymbeline I sincerely hope all is going well for you, I can’t wait to hear your moving story.

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