So finally Nigel Evans has resigned as deputy speaker but is to stay on as an MP.

This cannot be right,it besmirches a government which has already had enough sleaze.
David Cameron should show some leadership & sack the man who has now been charged with rape & sexual assault, not by one person but seven different men & eight charges.

How is it Evans can stay on as an MP ?

If he is left in place purely to avoid a by-election then it’s utterly shameful . Sack the man, face the consequences & show that quality is better than shoddy quantity, Mr Cameron.

Of course in the old days the man would have resigned but now standards are lower, corrupt & debauched MPs are a protected species, how about zero tolerance for anyone with a whiff of scandal swirling around them, they should be out until they clear their name, would it mean higher standards or simply an empty house ?

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