News is coming in that a church in Pashawar, Pakistan has been targeted with a high death toll at present around 78 , the families were attending church this Sunday morning.

We know this is happening in Nigeria too.

With yesterdays audacious attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya, with now 59 dead,we seem to be witnessing unprecedented Islamic violence all around the world.

Yesterday Iraq had three more explosions  killing 50 with a further 6 policemen shot.

Day after day yet another attack occurs, what will end it ?  If the world became atheist, would there be fewer wars ?

Sending troops to places like Somalia simply snuffs  out one flame & encourages another to flare elsewhere………….what is the answer ?

How can we rid the world of the inspiration that fuels these men & now a woman’s anger  or is their holy book simply an excuse for controlling others?

 “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah…..

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