Remember the three Al Hilli murders  & one Frenchman in Annecy France , last year ?

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Since that post was written, we have been told, that the Brother Zaid is in fact an accountant & Saad Al Hilli,the dead man, did not have security clearance & that he only worked on lower end projects,not top secret..but since many details have repeatedly been changed by the French throughout the enquiry, one does not know what to believe

“Police say the helmet the motorcyclist was wearing is of particular interest as only 8,000 were made in the black or dark colour described by witnesses.

It is a full-face model that opens from the side to allow for conversations, without the rider having to remove the helmet.

“The only helmet on the market that matches this description is the ISR-type GPA helmet,” police said in a statement.

Despite checking with distributors, police have been unable to trace the owner.

“Police said the helmet was produced in Italy by French specialist company GPA – based in the south of France – and was a “ISR type”

All suggestions welcome, any ideas ?

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