Last week it was Coffee cake this week it’s Marmalade cake.

A week ago I made marmalade, the darnned stuff would not gel & thicken, after 1 & half hours of a rolling boil, in a deep & safe pot,I turned my back on it for a few minutes & the damned thing boiled over……here add an expletive or two & a very sticky kitchen floor !!!

So, I was left with a lot of very runny marmalade.
Today I decided to use some of it & make a marmalade cake. I didn’t have much butter so I searched for a butter free recipe, whilst not wholly successful I chose this recipe online.
Ignoring all the gluten free jargon I followed the recipe with that which I had in stock,where I was short of butter I substituted oil, & with no ground almonds I used semolina & omitted the mixed peel & currents.
I ignored the method & bunged everything at once in the bowl & used an electric whisk to beat the ingredients together , poured it into a deep cake tin,sprinkled demerara sugar over the top & placed in the oven at 160c…

When it came out of the oven I skewered holes in the top & poured marmalade syrup all over it whilst it was hot….
Wow,what a winner,this is a grown up, yummy, pretty solid cake & now I wish I hadn’t gone back for that second slice !

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