We are told metallics are a la mode this year… according to the home remodellers that is.
This is perfect for the job I had to do.

The downstairs cloak/shower/utility space had a much larger wash hand basin , too big for the space really,but the reason I had it taken out was although it was in perfect condition, was because it had a connection leak below & all the old connections were metal. Having tried to repair & failed,it became clear that the sizes were wrong for modern plastic fittings & there was no ‘trap’ either.








So here we have the smart new & smaller basin, bought at Brico Depot  [for an unbelievable 18 euros ]  plus new tap with flip top & metal tiling.


The choice of basins was fantastic, all those modern square,glass & raised styles but this one was right for this now reduced space.
I enjoyed doing the metal tiling which was more of a challenge than it appears, my real reason for choosing them was because I intended to keep all the old tiles which are in perfect condition & I knew there was no way I could match them,so my mantra is always, a complete contrast is better than a bad match.
A word of warning to the unwary, thinking of using metallics, your tile cutters won’t cut them, whilst they are backed with ceramic the metal is separate top layer, the look is not a paint finish but actual stainless steel.
I got around this problem by raising the basin to sit on them,which I took over the edges of the new wooden cut out.
As you can see I also allowed 2 rows as a vertical overhang to make them look more finished.

Overall I like the finished look & after re-grouting the 70’s ceramic tiles, the whole area now looks fresh & clean.

I found grouting a messy business, cleaning it up took as long as the tiling itself.,but well worth the effort ,hopefully  others will think so too.

The under sink area is now more spacious too & I have placed a small trolly in there, on wheels , which now holds all my cleaning equipment/containers.

Now I have to turn my attention to hiding new pipes on the opposite wall……………..