But one I’d rather not have had.
My British made mower,bought in France approximately 4/5 years ago has always had a dodgy handle,you know the problem where the wing nuts constantly need tightening & occasionally you lose one so it has to be replaced.
Well last week the worst thing happened & the metal completely sheared off !

Clearly there is a design defect here, it has gone at the weakest point.


IMG_0712This is a serious problem as I need to cut grass once a week from now until November.

Not wanting to pack the damned thing into the car & take it to be repaired [ & told they couldn’t do it no doubt]  & wait at least two weeks…….I set about doing it myself !
With great difficulty I managed to undo rusting bolts on an old mower rotting away in one of my sheds, & take off the handle, that perfectly good mower was dumped simply because a wheel could not be replaced….how I hate this throw away world.

Anyway, as luck would have it two of the three holes on each side lined up with the holes on the longer part of the existing handle, feeling very lucky & after much swearing,despairing,banging, pushing & sweat [ very ladylike]  I now have a workable mower which I shall lawn test today…wish me luck !!!

So,after my exhausting spell of engineering I came in & poured myself a rewarding & much welcome glass of wine, imagine my surprise when I walked toward a window & saw this ;


He was sitting there totally relaxed on my uncut grass as though he owned the place, chewing his cud…….. which I happen to know were my depleted rose bushes,…..which are out of shot but in the direction he’s gazing !!!


Life in the country eh? Very relaxed for some !



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