When I remodelled my garden I made sure it would attract wildlife,I chose plants trees,shrubs with this in mind. Berries for the birds flowers for bees & butterflies. Being a thatched house I wanted a truly country garden to match.

This has been hugely successful, especially the birds who clear any infestation of black,white & green fly from the roses, I never have to spray, they’ve also nested in various varieties in many places …….as you saw last year with the Flycatchers.

The bees are happily buzzing around the top of the Judas tree at this time of year & will pollinate various fruits from Apple to Blueberries , Hawthorn & multiple berry trees for the Autumn.

The Lizards are lazing in the sun on walls, the conservatory roof eating unwanted insects & this  snake was spotted last week,in the greenery close to the house.

Could the snake explain why I have not see a frog in 12 months, even after the wettest winter, not even a Toad ?








Whilst this is everything I originally wanted not for one moment did I ever imagine that the desired wildlife would move into the house !

I’ve had to hang one of those string blinds in my large front doorway to stop the birds flying in, because my doors are always open & one or more bird flew in almost every day,but no more.












Then the honey bees  who have had a nest for the last two years, high up in the stone work, on the south facing gable- end,  have now managed to break through into the inside through a tiny crack in a stone joint at the top of the chimney breast entering my vaulted room. ….so high I couldn’t even spray up there if I wanted to !


Whilst non aggressive the bees cluster around the high windows, meaning they all have to be open , this entails keeping a ladder in the room to enable me to get up there because if I don’t…. after a few hours they die & end up littering cills & floor….. this could also explain why I’ve recently had to repatriate one of the bigger Lizards to the outside world !


I did so by gently sweeping it with a soft broom across the tiles because the first time I tried to catch & lift one the tail was rapidly jettisoned, I assume this is a defensive/survival  function, it worked as I spotted it the next year still with a stunted tail.

Unfortunately the one visitor I really want has not been seen this year, yet, the red Squirrel but there’s the Deer  [photo in last post] who had  taken up residence on the lawn & chomped on my roses & I suspect it’s a Pheasant who’s eaten in one mouthful a couple of large buds from my Clematis which I’ve been training up an old sloe tree at the rear of the house.

As you can see , life in the countryside is never dull or lonely,it seems that whilst I’m surrounded by fields,the nearest  is set aside & not used, the above mentioned creatures prefer a garden & company !


The Apiculturist, Frederic, has now visited & placed his ladder, which thankfully is high enough to reach the bees nest & will return as soon as the weather warms up again…. when he will hang a hive cone up there to collect the bees ………. no more noisy buzzing or dead bees littering inside…………..hopefully.

I say this because he intends trapping the workers & drones but will leave the Queen to die in the nest so there will be a risk of other bees trying to find a way in, to get to her.

I sincerely hope this all works as I have found bees to be very messy.

I shall keep you posted……………………..