Funny how our macho bleeding heart humanitarians, feel more for a drunken tramp than the fear of a lone woman who knows her limitations…. from experiences past, in such situations.
She doesn’t get a single drop of understanding ……………..

I also suspect that this woman who has mentioned she was a Samaritan for sometime helping those sort of people , has probably more experience than her critics ever have…..It’s why I can speak knowingly about mental cases, drunks & alcoholics.

Experience where one such raving alcoholic whom I’d been assigned to, turned up at midnight banging on my glass front door….. at the time we lived in a Bungalow. Do they understand how a woman feels at such times……………….. no they don’t, they have their precious guns  !
My husband called the police but I was not allowed to tell the police that I was a Samaritan because it is confidential, they removed him ,I slept well that night thinking he was locked up at last, only for the man ,who had found my number, to call early the next morning just after husband had left for work,  gloating that the police simply took him to stay somewhere for the night.

I have been followed when leaving the Samaritan office & had death threats for my work as a Samaritan,I have been conned out of [Samaritan] cash by tearful women saying their husbands beat them, drank all the money & they had none left to feed their children…………all proved to be untrue & all by these poor downtrodden people.
Many are so clever even the principle Roger Pilkington was conned…& often !

I know what it’s like to be in a crowded covered market place being followed by an overweight 6 foot alcoholic intent on fulfilling his stated wish to kill me because he was refused booze !
I know what it’s like to speak to the suicidal & the responsibility of trying to stop someone committing suicide……. or worse.
I know fear of noises at night, the fear of finding a ‘bundle of rags’ when opening up my garage,the fear of seeing someone waiting by my car & having to get a taxi rather than them see me, the fear of being alone when husband was at work.
I’ve been attacked bruised ,dragged out of my car by my hair,my arms almost broken on another occasion……..all through men being ‘down & out’men who were being offered a helping hand.
I know how it feels to live behind & be working behind locked doors & leaving the Samaritan office at midnight

I know fear & now how to cope with that fear ……….I did more than chuck a crust at someone to salve my conscience !…….

The total lack of emotional intelligence shown by some here on MyT is truly a snapshot of what liberals are.They make assumptions without thought, reason or question.

There’s much I could add about the successes, but I am not someone who sings about good deeds for which I never wanted or received rewards.

No this is not to play the weak helpless woman, but simply to get the record straight after the hideous criticism & false accusations of callousness being made by Tony Davies & HMB. Both prefer to vilify me for speaking honestly rather than understand why I do.

Ludensian was the one who saw & got it right in giving me the benefit of doubt.

I would never refuse help to a genuine cause , if my safety was not compromised, indeed I have helped a number , maybe I should learn to brag a little more !

Sorry,  but I am going to keep comments closed for this post,one because I have things to do today & the other because I’ve taken enough abuse for saying I’d call the police [ to help him]  if a tramp was found on my doorstep, rather than deal with it myself.

There should have been no need to write any of this, but I’ve had enough bullying to last me a lifetime,even commas, punctuation & grammar are part of their vilification, yet they leave others alone, every time I reply I simply get another barrage of abuse & more accusations.

Then they wonder why I close comments & so many others have left the site……………………..I would have done so on at least a dozen occasions, but I will not hand them that victory !



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