Gone !

I feel at a loss today, having expected to do at least 3 days work clearing the aftermath of a tree felling,but no, there’s no sign of the mess from yesterdays activities. A truly professional job was done.

The tree surgeon came early to fell this ugly 35 [?] year old Palm, which just had to go, as you can see,it was well past its beauty days & added nothing to the visual aspect of the garden.

I’m sure the birds & insects with miss it,but there is another only a matter of meters away for them to use.

I’d never met or spoken to the chap before as the contract was all arranged via email.

After a 2 month wait,he arrived,on time & completed the job in 2 hours flat, even the clearing !
To keep costs down I had arranged for him to fell the Palm in one,cut the trunk into manageable sections & I’d do the rest.

But, Duncan, set to & did everything, right down to using a leaf blower to disperse the sawdust from the lawn .

The heat was almost too much but he pressed on.

By 11-30 we were seated in the shade having coffee !

This is one of the many self seeded Palm’s which I am allowing to grow, but in a more suitable place.




The hairy beast now slumbers & will be used as firewood in the winter.

Does anyone know how to tell the age of a Palm tree ?

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