“Ashton just goes to prove the Brussels pay formula: that Eurocrats are paid huge amounts of money inversely to the amount of work they do or the little good that they achieve.”

Nigel Farage


How right he is, the almost invisible woman much trumpeted at the start of her appointment is finally stepping down, thank goodness for that, the only utterance I remember from her was a demand for a personal jet !

But let’s not talk about her favoured position for which she was missing from 3/4 of the meetings, or her salary or her failures, let’s talk about her retirement pay………

‘Lady Ashton will not be under any pressure to find a new job too quickly due to Generous “transitional allowances” 

“It’s important that commissioners don’t start looking for a new job during the last months of their mandate, and that they take their time over finding appropriate new employment,” said a commission spokesman.

Baroness Ashton will be paid £400,000 by the EU to do nothing

Baroness Ashton will be entitled to £400,000 at the taxpayer’s expense over three years for doing nothing after finishing her five year term as the European Union’s foreign minister at the end of 2014.


On top of which she will not even be paying the correct British rate of tax on this money.



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