Why is Putin being vilified for what was an obvious mistake/accident ?

2 planes had already been shot down by the time MH17 suffered the same fate….yet this was barely mentioned in our news.
The downing of a passenger plane is clearly a dreadful mistake but why on earth would loyal separatists do it on purpose , why would they want to bring their leader into such disrepute ?

This horrifying incident with the deaths of nearly 300 non military people is being used to censure & punish the Russian leader.
I find this very distasteful & more than hypocritical,especially as 1,000 have already been killed in this Ukranian dispute, were those lives worthless?
But, when it come to Europeans we take more notice ?
It makes not a jot of difference whether it was a Buk missile or any other type,the point is, the EU & US are desperate to control Putin……….
In my view they are wrong to use this incident when there’s not a shred of evidence to show MH17 was a planned & deliberate target for attack.

Which could easily point to a false flag operation……..Did the US shoot down MH17 or was it the Ukraine Militia,yes it could have been the pro Russia rebels but no proof has been found that it was any of these. ?

Another point is that Malaysian Airlines have barely been criticised, yet had they not flown over that region 300 people would be alive today. Shouldn’t those responsible for that decision take some blame ?

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