So I will.
This bombing of Gaza is an utter disgrace. The pictures of children bloodied & screaming are horrendous. They truly are innocent in the slaughter taking place.

At first I thought they were being used for propaganda, but no longer do I think like that.

Instead of save Gaza let’s hear it for Save the Children of Gaza.
It may ease the Israeli conscience to drop leaflets & announce which building they are about to bomb & say clear the area…. but to where ?
Even when they have cleared out they are hit in refugee centres.

It’s utterly beyond anything which should happen in 2014 by so called civilised people. It shames humanity but most of all it’s achieving nothing !
Whilst I do understand the problems I firmly believe the IDF are being instructed wrongly, destroy the tunnels without question but there are many ways to counter evil,bombs & bullets are no longer the only tools to get rid of men firing rockets.
How could anyone complain if the Hamas leaders were simply & quietly assassinated or their activists in Gaza & Palestine ?
No doubt this crazy nonsense of having to go to trial would then persecute the soldier who pulled the trigger in such cases.
Yet here we have hundreds being slaughtered & it’s seen as fairer by the sticklers & liberals.
Utter bloody madness especially when the IDF have so much intelligence at their disposal.

What happened to all’s fair in war, why are they allowing Hamas fat cats to sit in Qatar ?
It has got to the stage where I feel confused & embarrassed to support Israel, I understand fully how Chillwurzel feels, I now join him as I feel do many others…..if they are honest.

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