Of this latest Islamic uprising ?


I’ve blogged on Islam for years & have been repeatedly told  I was wrong, Islam was a peaceful religion, I was wrong about passages in the Koran , I’d misinterpreted them & Jihad was simply a personal battle for muslims.

That was usually said by Muslims & their appeasers …..appeasers whom I’m sure had no idea what the Koran contained, unaware what their ignorance was supporting, that being,  the most violent ideology ever known.

Their liberal ideal has allowed Jihadist confidence to grow, breed discontent, they in effect gave permission for the voices to be raised, demonstrations to escalate to where the black flag is flying in London along with the flag of terrorists, Hamas.

 It took a Nun to take down that flag !  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2719749/Black-white-flag-similar-ones-used-jihadis-hoisted-outside-east-London-housing-estate.html]

They made excuses saying it’s just a few radicals,extremists, they failed to see just how a few dotted around the world can so quickly becomes a mass. They failed to listen when certain mosques were rumoured to be funding & encouraging terrorism,that Madrassars were/are doing the same to young minds.

Who is to blame in your view , what sparked all this Islamic unrest, what has given the protagonists this renewed confidence ?

Take a look at world headlines & see the countries battling with Islamic militants , Allah’s army much of it sectarian, ergo, all in the name of Islam.

Do you really believe this is to do with our Invasion of Iraq  or do you believe 9/11 was the starting point, was that the signal to muslims around the world that now is the time to rise up ?

Or as Carty would say it’s the youth bulge, just look at the age of these aggressors, thousands of them, they are young men, brainwashed into a cult they see their parents neglecting, not fulfilling their duty as laid down for every muslim in the Koran…..are these the original angry young men ?

The world is at war , the pinpricks Obama’s bombs will make in Iraq, are futile, Just as the IDF will be in Gaza if they don’t wipe out all leaders of Hamas.

Islam is global not local.

Give us your theory.

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