The lock was empty, just a gaping hole where the key normally lived,it was not on the ground or on the lintel…..who had taken the key ?

A major search ensued.
Many keys from around the house were tried to unlock this chalet door, each one failed , ground was raked , drawers searched, pots, toolbox, garden trug, all turned over ….. key not found.
Wire & screw drivers also failed , the house searched again,could it be children had played a joke?
A metal hook was inserted, which failed then refused to leave the lock, despair set in…….she’ll think about it tomorrow.

The following morning the internet consulted, no good, wrong types of lock.
Pliers were employed to stretch out the metal still stuck in the keyhole, finally the metal gave in, relief……spurred on by this success, WD 40 was sprayed into lock , all old keys cleaned & tried again, none were up to the job.
The next day was no different trying more rusty keys from an antique collection, still the lock stubbornly refused to move.
Was there a spare key given when this chalet was delivered 15 years ago, can’t remember ?
Having searched everywhere & with multiple renovations over the years, no spare key found & unlikely to be.
Could the door be taken off, no, could she climb in the window,maybe, but for what,to take the lock off from the inside ? Should she try drilling the lock ?

Owner despondent after 5 days trying to find a solution for this mysterious disappearance, now decided, reluctantly, a locksmith was the only solution left.
This is not good, she prides herself on her problem solving abilities………

Two hours later, spying the one small oak container, in a dark corner, which had been dusted but unopened for many years, once used for business cards & a visitors book, she decided to take a look, lifting out the contents she saw there at the base was a large shiny key !

Could it be,….. was it…….is it possible after all these years this is a spare key ?

With heart pounding, every step filled with doubt but faint optimism, she walked the distance to the chalet….nervously inserting the key into the lock, no , as expected it’s too big, but wait try again ……….oh glory be , it does fit , it turns & the door opens……hallelujuh, she’s in !!!

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