I’ve been rather lazy of late, yet time seems to fly by.

The plums have ripened, been collected,stewed & frozen, there has been such a crop this year I’ve had to buy an additional freezer, with the blackberries & crab apples still to come.


The corn was cut weeks ago but for some reason & unusually the farmer has not collected the bales.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the meantime, I’m eyeing up this arch which is getting overgrown with Russian creeper….


I lost the Italian Cyprus tree on the left so now the other one looks very scrappy & not completely healthy…….As I now have the large picture windows/doors, the arch blocks the view across the garden from that room.

It’s a shame to

remove it after so many years, but that really is how a garden evolves, once removed I will be able to fully appreciate the shape & arc of the planting, but more importantly , it will be just in time to enjoy the Camellia Sasanqua right in the centre of the lawn,  which starts flowering in October & carries on throughout the winter.

So as soon as autumn is underway, the chain saw will be out again.