How many know about the extent of halal butchering ? There is way more to Halal than cruelty to animals, it stretches across many many other products you buy.


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One of the reasons that shariah finance and the halal food industry are flourishing in the West is that there is a lot of money to be made in these fields, by Muslim and infidel alike.

Western banks aren’t pushing shariah-compliant mortgages because they’ve suddenly seen the light by reading the timeless verses of the Koran. No, they’ve seen the bottom line: shariah financing is very, very profitable — often more profitable than standard interest-based loans, since shariah loans are subject to a different regulatory regimen.

The same applies to certified halal food products. Restaurants and groceries that carry them can expect more trade from culturally enriched customers. Exact figures are hard to determine, but billions and billions of dollars in profits are made at all levels every year by the halal industry.

In both of these fields, a shariah-mandated portion of the proceeds must be handed over to the Islamic authorities as zakat, or alms — one eighth of which must be applied to financing jihad.

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There is a bit more to the Spanish Halal Institute: halal cosmetics, halal holidays, halal economics, halal ecology, halal TV… and halal placenta for the Muslim woman’s skin.

Why should non-Muslims go to the trouble of avoiding halal products ? . Halal certification requires food companies to hire more Muslims, leading to more Muslim immigration and to Muslim control over our food supply. This is another form of Sharia creep.

In addition, as part of zakat, halal food certification agencies funnel money to jihadi activities.

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“More than 40  million cattle, calves and sheep and more than 850  million poultry are slaughtered every year in Britain. The vast majority are stunned before slaughter.”  BUT ……There are 12 Halal slaughterhouses in the UK .

The halal meat market, alone,in the UK is estimated to be worth around £2.6 billion a year.

“Undercover Mail on Sunday investigators secretly filmed inside a halal abattoir as more than 100 sheep appeared to writhe in agony after being ritually killed.”

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‘A Defra spokesman said: ‘We believe people should continue to be able to buy meat prepared in accordance with their religion, but that people should also be able to find out how a product was prepared when they are buying in shops or eating out.’

I believe they are still talking about this nothing has been decided, it would seem the only way to be sure your meat  purchase is not Halal & funding terrorism activities, is to buy Pork !.


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