Soooo, did anyone see the BBC early morning report from Poland, about their apples ?
[ Apples are massive business in Poland………no I didn’t know that either.]

It went like this,due to the Russia’s ban on all EU & Western food imports, Poland has no where to send their usual delivery of 20 apple filled trucks a day to Russia.
So guess what, the Poles are now looking to sell them to countries outside the EU, they’re looking for new markets to sell their apples, cheaper, rather than see them rot away & claim full compensation from the EU.

I couldn’t help smiling & thinking if Poland is doing this surely the French & others are doing the same ?
What an exciting turn of events,  could this mean reliance on the EU will be weakened,isn’t this what happens when sanctions are applied without thinking through the full impact & possible repercussions ?
It is of course two way, because Russia will also find new suppliers & even when sanctions are lifted , may never come back to those EU suppliers…………

The moral of this story is, the EU dummies have inspired members to explore the big wide world, markets they hadn’t dreamt of  before & as the Polish spokesman said, he may not have to rely so heavily on Russia in the future or the EU countries……….. I wish them all the luck:-))

Well done Brussels another fine mess you’ve made for growers & manufacturers alike, through your meddling in the Ukraine you’ve put EU suppliers under additional pressure & maybe lost a number of markets in the future………..

…………....and to think these are the people drawing high salaries, our taxes & who have the power to make or break your business !

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