For the false accusations against Putin ?
For the suffering of those who have had sanctions inflicted upon them by the madness which inflicts Brussels ?
Will they be lifted quietly without fanfare & soon?
 Will Putin forgive them for their idiocy in not waiting for this report ?
 Will anyone correct their mistakes ?
Why are more not asking, why the silence ?

Please read this excellent article,written by James Kunstler:

 “In my lifetime, the USA has not blundered into a more incoherent, feckless, and unfavourable foreign policy quandary than we see today.

The US-led campaign to tilt Ukraine to Euroland and NATO — and away from the Russian-led Eurasian Customs Union — turned an “intelligence” fiasco into a strategic humiliation for the Obama White House. Notice that the story has vamoosed utterly from the American media headlines, even when the Russian Engineers’ Union issued a report last week asserting that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was most likely shot down by 30mm cannon fire from Ukrainian military aircraft.

The USA State Department didn’t deign to refute it because doing so would have drawn attention to the fact that it was the only plausible explanation for what happened.”

 Now the US and the EU have to support it with billions in loans that will never be paid back. Meanwhile, our European allies have been snookered into a set of economic and financial sanctions against Russia that guarantees they’ll be starved for oil and gas supplies in the winter months ahead.”

The Dutch report has said conclusively that this plane was not brought down by a Buk missile.

Expert: Report by Dutch Investigators of MH17 Crash Dispels Notion about Missile Attack

“This paragraph dispels the notion that it was a missile attack, and that’s what is important,” Chossudovsky asserted. Chossudovsky also thinks that the report confirms the earlier statement of the Head of mission of the OSCE who pointed to “machine gun-like holes.

For the sake of 298 passengers on board the truth must be told & apologies made.

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