Does anyone really believe the present bombing of ISIS will work ?

I’m not a pacifist by any means but I do see that violence begets violence, those doing the killing are now being killed ………along with many innocents in among such dense populations, no doubt.
How can it be morally right to kill those whom we see killing others, it makes us the same, surely only the motives are different ?

Who are we to say muslims cannot have their Caliphate ?
Why are we, the West, doing muslims work when they number 1 1/2 billion ?
When even muslim states can’t agree who are we to start yet another long term war ?

This notion of Camerons if we don’t kill them they’ll kill us, well helloooo … what about the enemy already within Mr Cameron,are you going to kill them too ?

Personally, if we had to get involved, I would have thought it better to give the Kurds their own safe state, then ring fence it from the IS with peace keepers.
Let ISIS do as they want for their Caliphate drawing in many muslims from around the world & keep them to strict borders to stop their spread.

If other Arab & muslim states are genuine about stamping out ISIS then make them show it by proving they are not funding them.
All this hardware being used is being bought & supplied by someone, track down those buying illegal oil in Turkey & put a stop to it.
Without money for weapons ISIS could not continue.

This old fashioned nonsense that war solves problems is long outdated, those days are gone,the only positive that comes from war is profits from weapon sales.
The negatives are many & in this case will only fuel hatred for generations to come.

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