What a lovely time we had,half term for children is a time to get out into the fresh air,get some exercise & try new things……for Granny though it’s a time to teach them new skills !

My 11-year-old granddaughter loves to climb & has no fear of heights,so I generously gave her a small pruning saw & suggested she could cut off a branch or two from the smaller Laburnum tree,she was brilliant.We worked together for hours thoroughly enjoying the work & each others company.

Her 13-year-old brother is heavily into all things technical, like his father, so he proudly rewired my satellite TV out in the studio,this was no mean task as it meant taking out all old cables & he was up & down a ladder to get to the satellite dish set in amongst greenery against the house wall & wisteria.The female Blackbird showed her disapproval at being disturbed & though rather alarming when she shot out squawking loudly,he has got the system working perfectly !


Owl topiary

Another day we played with a bit of topiary , granddaughter is the arty one & owl was born. Dobin was not quite as successful but we had fun doing them. Each day we checked out the Badger holes & each evening at dusk we went to see if we could spot any other activity or a sighting of them leaving for their hunt. No luck though.

Unlike many parents I believe school holidays are a home-time, in my old-fashioned way I don’t believe in this modern attitude of constantly buying entertainment for children,we were at home the whole week & so at the end of the week rewards were,spending money…20 euros each in lieu of labour, a lunch at the local bowling ally plus to rounds of bowling & shopping at the junk shop ….which they love.

So do I. This time I bought this charger with the words, ‘Prise de la Bastille’ = Storming the Bastille 1789.


The plate had been around for months at the price of €35 going down to €20 but this time only €5,it was meant for me !  The two youngsters bought a small Quimper bell & a small china elephant, for 1€ each.

I do this because I want them to understand recycling & the value of money,whilst they are privileged in so many ways I still feel these are important lessons,that they don’t always need to go for bright new shiny expensive things & there are many treasures to be found in charity & secondhand shops.

I’m also trying to encourage the hobby of collecting,though they both played & enjoy chess.


So the week passed happily,masses of food was enjoyed……..this two will eat anything, a veggie bake no problem, snails & even deep fried frogs legs !!

A friend came to tea midweek armed with chocolate eclairs, another day we made sausages & coconut ice, chocolate pancakes for breakfast, another day a chocolate fondue…healthy because fruit was used for the dip & my large coffee cake was demolished by the week end….not to mention depletion of my sweet jar. 🙂

Home made strawberry milk shakes & my latest passion for a milky nightcap..peanut butter,honey,oats,3 mins in micro & whizzed to a froth,yummy. Sounds mad but try it !

I have such lovely memories of Enid Blyton picnics for the Famous Five I can relive them when children come sans parents, no nagging about numbers etc. Frankly I think it all nonsense,having a sweet tooth & brought up by parents who owned a sweet shop we never had any problems,nor do I with these two who sleep soundly.

Traditionally each day starts with tea & biscuits in my large four poster bed, they bring in their pillow & we sit up to watch haunted house or have you been framed for an hour….it’s all very decadent & time has no meaning.

What makes you think I love being a granny ???

[As you will know by now,all photos will enlarge when clicked.]