Here we are again at the end of another summer & the Swallows preparing to leave.

I’ve enjoyed it & have had more visitors than usual,but generally a lazy time with no projects underway.

With visitors gone, my son has just returned from a family holiday in Croatia & my daughters children have returned from a month in South Africa-it feels as though all is being gathered in !

I’ve had a brilliant crop of all fruits this year, the red currants, blueberries & plums have been enjoyed with the surplus now in the deep freeze to enjoy during the winter.


Likewise the Blackberry season has just got underway so when rain permits I’m picking & freezing them & also today made Crab Apple jelly….successfully, it actually set !

This year too,unlike last year when there were none,the Cox’s apple tree is heavily laden with fruit so I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into a really crisp apple,how I wish there was a fool proof way to store them through the winter.

Next up will be the walnuts, though I’m not so sure they are going to be that plentiful this year although the hazelnuts are everywhere…..which will no doubt please the squirrels,which disappointingly I’ve not seen hide nor hair of this year.


During the summer I’ve acquired a new friend,I call her Pud-cat, she won’t let me get any nearer than about 12ft,but she turns up & just watches me work,never tries to enter the house & not that interested in food. She was heavily pregnant last winter when I first saw her, but then she disappeared until the summer.

Unusually,she has beautiful blue eyes.


It’s time like this I truly wonder if I could ever give all this up & leave the property ?