Prague,what a stunningly beautiful city !
I was last there in the late 70’s when it was still under communist rule,so you can imagine the changes I saw on arrival this Christmas.
I remembered the sweep of the river & all the bridges,but not the architecture of so many amazing buildings which just go on & on street after street & at night so beautiful.




Once again I was so lucky with my travelling companions,approximately 50/50 split of men & women,all nice like minded people,with a great sense of humour !

IMG_0534 (1)

We did all the usual things, two of us we even went to a chocolate museum & learnt about growing,fermenting & the making of chocolate,it’s an amazing complex process.We enjoyed the demo on how chocolates, with fillings, are made & of course the samples. 🙂

I managed to muster interest to go to a ballet,where we saw Swan lake,I’m glad we went , others enjoyed it,but for me who saw the Kirov last year in St Petersburg , comparisons were inevitable.

As is my habit I had to buy something typical of the country visited,this time naturally, it was 2 pieces of glass,but also this amazing Ammonite.




It’s the size of a tea plate, at present I’m waiting for a fossil stand on which to display it I was thrilled when I bought it but the surprise on my return, when light hits it, was seeing glowing garnet red colours on the reverse, ….making the appearance appear  lively, as though breathing !

To think this is not a man made piece of art but a natural piece formed millions of years ago is difficult to comprehend.

Having now done some research I believe it to be from Madagascar.






I think the biggest surprise of the whole trip,was the broad minded easy going Czechs,the relaxed freedom in the city,with thousands of people milling around day & night,the buzz of the place,people of all ages, street music,entertainment,eating & drinking in Wenceslas,yet we saw 2 policemen only,so surprised some were taking photos of them.

My fear of press reports on Brits using Prague for hen & stag nights was quelled. We saw no drunks,loud or bad behaviour,not a mosque in sight……I heard the horror hooter once only throughout the week, it was just wonderful.

A definite indicator as to how far England has strayed from good sober enjoyment/behaviour & freedom…………

A visit is a must.

Thanks & credit to John [Lee ] for top two photos.His pics are far better than mine.:-)