Update on my terrace = Another job finally completed, spring 2018, repointing the main terrace.As you can see it’s no mean feat, on such a large area, but well worth doing.It now  looks & stays clean sans weeds !DSCF8540


Not only the biggest crop of walnuts for years but the beauty of a dry Autumn brought out unbelievable colours.dscf7565


The Walnuts for some strange reason all fell in their green husks,this meant time spent peeling them off when rotted down & washing well,such a slimy horrible job but well worthwhile. The gloves I used, leaked & consequently had to hide my hands for 3 weeks !

dscf7547Walnut stain is like no other & can only wear away.

With all that was finished I added another step,this time for the entrance hall,then set about trying to repoint the crazy paved terrace.p1050240

Sick of weed killing all that came up between the joints I made the most of the dry weather.I managed a third of the area so it’s an ongoing project.


Next up was something I’ve wanted to do for a while,to paint a little piece used as my bedside table.I tried to team it with the wall paper & this is the finished effect.


Not the easiest to photograph.

I also shabby chic-ed my little dressing table,some won’t like it,but I love it ! Maybe I should spend less time on Pinterest. 🙂


There’s many other minor items who’ve had the treatment since I now have bought some white wax & all furniture is now a possible victim.

I think I maybe addicted to paint as I’m now contemplating the purchase of an electric paint gun,this would enable me to paint the wooden ceilings in the kitchen & snug, not the beams just the planks & some of the stone work……


I’m enjoying all this a great deal & so aware of how lucky I am, to be single & not having to consult anyone when making these decisions. Free as a bird . 🙂