It’s been a long time….. Monday, Feb 6 2017 

But here I am alive & kicking in 2017.

Christmas was overall dire, for the first time in years I decided to stay home,this proved to be a bad decision. Too many happenings to list,but the worst had to be no phone & no internet for 18 days. Imagine not being able to contact or speak to loved ones at all 🙂

Since then I’ve been busy with more artistic creations.

For sometime I’ve been looking at a window shelf which was in fact useless.All my windows open inwards so a shelf is redundant on the south side where windows are opened daily.

This is a window which get lots of sun so, I’ve cut out the wood,dropped the level & made it a window seat.


I was so lucky to find a genuine Kilim the exact size I needed.


Needless to say the paint brushes came out again too ! After much deliberation  & fed up with grey stone I did paint the inside of 2 archways , you wouldn’t believe how different & bigger it feels as one walks through.


Next, I’ve really indulged myself in a canvas painting. 🙂  I know I’m no artist but……have always wanted a large painting on a wall in my big room,so set to & painted a Rooster, a French symbol & I’ve also found an icon for a number of things dating back to the middle ages.

Only when I was well into it did I find that 2017 is also Chinese year of the Rooster… coincidentally, my timing is very apt.


So,here I present to you, my Coq de France. Not sealed or hung yet as it’s in oils & I shall have to wait a few months, for drying time, before I can seal it. .


All in all,I’ve enjoyed my winter, there’s nothing more enjoyable than lighting a big fire,loading some Rachmaninov & lots of time to paint.

Soon it will be spring & work outside starts again for another year……..

Squirrels…. Wednesday, Oct 15 2014 

Sasanqua Versicolor

Sasanqua Versicolor

In the 21 years I have owned this house squirrels have only been seen in the last three.Imagine my joy the first time on spying one scurrying past my conservatory door one afternoon, in midsummer when the cherries were ripe.
A red Squirrel that is as fortunately there are no greys here.

I had no more sightings until the following year when I once again saw him [?] in almost the same spot.Later the same year he was heard & seen in the trees & once on the lawn in Autumn.

Well,last week,not only was he scampering briefly on the lawn last seen hopping towards a large shrub with berries,but the following day, also from under the Magnolia, to my amazement out came another very red baby Squirrel !
I couldn’t believe it, this must mean there’s a family here,two sightings in two days of two different Squirrels,this is a first of many visits I hope.
Whilst there’s an abundance of trees & particularly Oaks all around here with a good green corridor to cover a Squirrels feeding zone, mine is the only property with a variety of Oaks,Chestnuts,Walnut,Conifers, with cones,Norwegian Spruce,a large Beech which had excellent mast this year,several  & Hazelnut, Maple, Birch, to name but a few.

The haul so far…….

I see no reason why these little chaps need to leave, at present they are chomping their way through a lot of chestnuts which I am not interested in, too much like hard work & it’s a race to get to the Walnuts before they do, but the evidence is there with quite a few open & empty shells of nuts they’ve enjoyed.

The Muslim Issue

"Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish City of Medina. Within 5-years, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every jew there."

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The Muslim Issue

"Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish City of Medina. Within 5-years, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every jew there."