Phew…where to start ? Tuesday, Aug 23 2016 

Well, I’ve always said I’m solar powered but have really proved it in recent weeks.

After finding my way around ‘working with cement’ I progressed to creating a front door step,going from this ;


To this ;

IMG_0472        IMG_0474

To this:  The small white beads on the edge are solar stones,so they outline the step in the dark.


Next,after years of stubbing my toe on silly French style dining benches,thinking why don’t designers do the obvious & reduce floor space they take up ?


I finally made a decision to chop them down,out came the chainsaw & off came both ends, they now slide under the table with an inch to spare. Oh so obvious, I should have done it years ago ! Both these & the table came with the house originally.

This then followed , tired of waiting for brown furniture to come back into fashion I got to thinking & asking why am I waiting ……. I set about painting some of it.

I started with the Buffet, its gone from this;


To this….still some detail to sort out but more or less finished



Next up I wanted to get rid of these hideous chairs which came with the house when it was bought as a holiday home.As this room has been used very little,they’ve been used only occasionally.


I’m sure once they were expensive as they’re well made & frames are large heavy oak.This is why I’ve delayed doing anything to them,but felt now is the time .

I took the electric carving knife to the sponge & will use some of it for new upholstery when I find the right fabric,I shall start with the charity shop to see if they have some curtains. I’ve painted,aged & waxed the chairs ready…. this could be a good winter project.

I’ve recently learned velour can be painted,so I may just think about tackling the matching 3 seater sofa, but it would be a big job…….. only after 10 years of living with it did I find it converts to double bed !

Before & after waxing.



In addition to all this activity of course I’ve been keeping up with the lawn mowing etc & other small painting jobs ,including this little gem.


Look carefully,I’ve painted the top of this dark green conservatory table,lime, to match a tray I’ve hung below as a shelf,attached with good staples,this will keep the top free of clutter,I also added castors.

Another brown chair gone !  DSCF7458

All this & I didn’t need to buy a thing,I mixed my own chalk paint & colours,I had everything I needed in stock.

Next victim….could be a dark red brick fireplace in the snug or maybe even painting some brown doors….😀

On Cold & Beautiful Morning ….. Wednesday, Feb 18 2015 


It’s a stunningly beautiful frosty morning & sun just rising behind the house .
Yesterday I gave the grass its first cut of the year,swept up  remaining leaves & winter debris, had a general tidy up after work on a palm tree removing all the dead leaves & ivy…what a horrible job that was !
I’ve been spurred on by the impending arrival of family for half term….all of them…the Bristol & the Jersey contingent, that’s 4 four grandchildren & their parents,plus some extended family.


In preparation I am today baking a chocolate cake ,granary bread & a Jersey bean crock.

The beans are a good standby to have something hot for anyone who wants them on return of a walk etc.

Bean crock recipe:

Butter Beans
Medium size Haricot Beans
Red Kidney Beans
Pigs Trotter & or Hock
Large onion chopped
1 Carrot chopped

Water to cover.

As I no longer have an Aga I now use a slow cooker.
Soak beans overnight.

Cook on setting 2 until bubbling then down to 1 overnight.
When the trotter has started to disintegrate remove from pot,cut up the flesh & skin [removing all the bones] & return to pot.
Add a scant dessert spoon of golden syrup.

Continue to cook or keep warm,this is a perfect dish to have ‘on the go’ for hungry adults & children.

Serve alone or with a sprinkling of Worcester sauce. Enjoy !

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