Up-Cycling… Tuesday, Jun 7 2016 

Another half term has been & gone, we had fun.The eldest child did his revision & of course played his mobile to death.
We did however fire up the metal detector & went in search of an old porthole which was attached to a door…given to me for a back garden door.
I had dumped it in my bonfire area approximately 15 years ago as it was never used,slowly it rotted away outside & I eventually moved it into the old orchard.

Subsequent garden prunings & chopping’s were piled onto it over the years & bonfires lit etc.

This year I came across an old lock & door handle as I cleared the whole area & so was reminded of said door.

Within minutes of sweeping, the machine indicated metal just below the surface,we dug down & bingo the porthole was found.seen here after a good wash & now soaking in vinegar.


Next we had to decide what to do with it, so off Mai & I went to the local Depot Vente where we found a little round table. It was cheap ply with a lino top,but best were the sturdy metal legs…needed for such a heavy glass top, which after testing has proved to be bronze !

We stripped & trimmed with my jigsaw & then knocked out the old corroded screws & presto,here is the result.


I happened to have the green glass on something else but prefer it on this table, all I have to do now is decide where to put it ! :-))

I say Hello…You say Goodbye… Monday, Jun 6 2016 

Hello to my favourite bloggers,like Tweet,Cropper,Hawthorn,Foxy,Squid,Plum,Lao,John Mackie,Roger,Dynamo,all of whom were always polite in their replies.

In view of the DT’s decision I felt one needed closure on a pastime that consumed such a large part of my early internet life.


I had much admiration for those who had the courage to confide their troubles here.

We were like a family,until those who were unable to manage personal problems allowed their frustration to spill over into comments which changed the site completely.

I wish everyone well & can assure them ,there IS life outside MyT,funnier & deeper than the shallowness of latter day MyT.

My regret is that the DT chose to close just before the Referendum……yet if #Brexit wins it would reduce blogging material by a considerable margin.

So I’m posting this here for those who haven’t seen it,how anyone would want to Remain after watching it is a mystery to me.

The Cherry Tree… Sunday, Mar 13 2016 

We had a constant 24 hour storm last Wednesday,very scary it was too. Some gusts were around force 11 I believe,at one stage I did get worried but saw no damage occurring until late in the day when I looked out from the snug window & glimpsed,through other shrubs, what I thought was a pile of green leaves at the far end of the driveway.Odd I thought.

Further inspection revealed this: 😦



At first I thought wow,how lucky is that,that my car which had been parked there a day earlier  was no longer or that the friend who visits usually about this time of year for a week & always parks there & would now be flattened !

My relief was followed by the immediate thought maybe now I can get all the ivy off & the cherries will still come as the roots are still in the ground,this followed immediately by  the thought how the hell am I going to be able to dispose of the tree itself without paying 100’s to get it cut up ?

Also being an optimist I realised that the nearby roses would now get more light & I, a typical gardener saw an opportunity to choose,buy & plant a new tree of my choice !



As if I’m not way behind with all work in the garden ,after two months of rain I’ve done absolutely nothing……….so here is another setback.Sigh….

Hey ho, thank goodness I have the time, tools & a chain saw !

Back From The City of Spires……. Monday, Jan 4 2016 

Prague,what a stunningly beautiful city !
I was last there in the late 70’s when it was still under communist rule,so you can imagine the changes I saw on arrival this Christmas.
I remembered the sweep of the river & all the bridges,but not the architecture of so many amazing buildings which just go on & on street after street & at night so beautiful.




Once again I was so lucky with my travelling companions,approximately 50/50 split of men & women,all nice like minded people,with a great sense of humour !

IMG_0534 (1)

We did all the usual things, two of us we even went to a chocolate museum & learnt about growing,fermenting & the making of chocolate,it’s an amazing complex process.We enjoyed the demo on how chocolates, with fillings, are made & of course the samples. 🙂

I managed to muster interest to go to a ballet,where we saw Swan lake,I’m glad we went , others enjoyed it,but for me who saw the Kirov last year in St Petersburg , comparisons were inevitable.

As is my habit I had to buy something typical of the country visited,this time naturally, it was 2 pieces of glass,but also this amazing Ammonite.




It’s the size of a tea plate, at present I’m waiting for a fossil stand on which to display it I was thrilled when I bought it but the surprise on my return, when light hits it, was seeing glowing garnet red colours on the reverse, ….making the appearance appear  lively, as though breathing !

To think this is not a man made piece of art but a natural piece formed millions of years ago is difficult to comprehend.

Having now done some research I believe it to be from Madagascar.






I think the biggest surprise of the whole trip,was the broad minded easy going Czechs,the relaxed freedom in the city,with thousands of people milling around day & night,the buzz of the place,people of all ages, street music,entertainment,eating & drinking in Wenceslas,yet we saw 2 policemen only,so surprised some were taking photos of them.

My fear of press reports on Brits using Prague for hen & stag nights was quelled. We saw no drunks,loud or bad behaviour,not a mosque in sight……I heard the horror hooter once only throughout the week, it was just wonderful.

A definite indicator as to how far England has strayed from good sober enjoyment/behaviour & freedom…………

A visit is a must.

Thanks & credit to John [Lee ] for top two photos.His pics are far better than mine.:-)

August; The Fruity Season…. Monday, Aug 31 2015 

Here we are again at the end of another summer & the Swallows preparing to leave.

I’ve enjoyed it & have had more visitors than usual,but generally a lazy time with no projects underway.

With visitors gone, my son has just returned from a family holiday in Croatia & my daughters children have returned from a month in South Africa-it feels as though all is being gathered in !

I’ve had a brilliant crop of all fruits this year, the red currants, blueberries & plums have been enjoyed with the surplus now in the deep freeze to enjoy during the winter.


Likewise the Blackberry season has just got underway so when rain permits I’m picking & freezing them & also today made Crab Apple jelly….successfully, it actually set !

This year too,unlike last year when there were none,the Cox’s apple tree is heavily laden with fruit so I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into a really crisp apple,how I wish there was a fool proof way to store them through the winter.

Next up will be the walnuts, though I’m not so sure they are going to be that plentiful this year although the hazelnuts are everywhere…..which will no doubt please the squirrels,which disappointingly I’ve not seen hide nor hair of this year.


During the summer I’ve acquired a new friend,I call her Pud-cat, she won’t let me get any nearer than about 12ft,but she turns up & just watches me work,never tries to enter the house & not that interested in food. She was heavily pregnant last winter when I first saw her, but then she disappeared until the summer.

Unusually,she has beautiful blue eyes.


It’s time like this I truly wonder if I could ever give all this up & leave the property ?

Tour de Force ? Sunday, Jul 5 2015 

Early Thursday morning I was up & away at crack of dawn [ I exaggerate, but 9am was for me !] & off to the boulangerie to buy warm fresh croissants for 6.

After all the amazing sun & heat it was very disappointing to have dark grey skies & very heavy rain .

My journey was en route to the coast where I was meeting up with my son & five of his old school [ Canford] & university chums. They had done the overnight ferry crossing to St Malo & we arranged to meet for a ‘pit stop’.

I also packed boiled eggs, butter, apricot jam, & general picnic bits,plus lots of iced water,thinking it was to be around 39c !image1 3Photo not taken by me,but sent later in the day,unfortunately not one with all 5.

They made it in good time to the meeting point, all in good shape & by this time the rain had stopped.

I hadn’t seen the other boys for years ,but apart from good jobs,marriage & parenthood,they had changed little. The banter between long-standing male friends is hilarious,the way they can tease each other [ even at that time of day] & no one takes offence………unlike girls who tend to be rather tetchy by comparison.

This was a great start to my day. 🙂

After everything was eaten I waved them off on their next leg….to Mont St Michel where they had planned lunch.

Their route was St Malo, Vivier, Mont St Michel, Vire, St Lo,Caen.As you can see the rest of their trip was under blue skies, preferable to rain even in the heat.

This is the 5th year they’ve done a cycling trip in Europe,but the first in France.Well done lads.

image1 2

That’s my boy Jonty on the far right in the turquoise ……I bet he regrets not breathing in for that pic. LoL. :-))



Bumming around !

Slave Labour ….. :-)) Monday, Jun 8 2015 



What a lovely time we had,half term for children is a time to get out into the fresh air,get some exercise & try new things……for Granny though it’s a time to teach them new skills !

My 11-year-old granddaughter loves to climb & has no fear of heights,so I generously gave her a small pruning saw & suggested she could cut off a branch or two from the smaller Laburnum tree,she was brilliant.We worked together for hours thoroughly enjoying the work & each others company.

Her 13-year-old brother is heavily into all things technical, like his father, so he proudly rewired my satellite TV out in the studio,this was no mean task as it meant taking out all old cables & he was up & down a ladder to get to the satellite dish set in amongst greenery against the house wall & wisteria.The female Blackbird showed her disapproval at being disturbed & though rather alarming when she shot out squawking loudly,he has got the system working perfectly !


Owl topiary

Another day we played with a bit of topiary , granddaughter is the arty one & owl was born. Dobin was not quite as successful but we had fun doing them. Each day we checked out the Badger holes & each evening at dusk we went to see if we could spot any other activity or a sighting of them leaving for their hunt. No luck though.

Unlike many parents I believe school holidays are a home-time, in my old-fashioned way I don’t believe in this modern attitude of constantly buying entertainment for children,we were at home the whole week & so at the end of the week rewards were,spending money…20 euros each in lieu of labour, a lunch at the local bowling ally plus to rounds of bowling & shopping at the junk shop ….which they love.

So do I. This time I bought this charger with the words, ‘Prise de la Bastille’ = Storming the Bastille 1789.


The plate had been around for months at the price of €35 going down to €20 but this time only €5,it was meant for me !  The two youngsters bought a small Quimper bell & a small china elephant, for 1€ each.

I do this because I want them to understand recycling & the value of money,whilst they are privileged in so many ways I still feel these are important lessons,that they don’t always need to go for bright new shiny expensive things & there are many treasures to be found in charity & secondhand shops.

I’m also trying to encourage the hobby of collecting,though they both played & enjoy chess.


So the week passed happily,masses of food was enjoyed……..this two will eat anything, a veggie bake no problem, snails & even deep fried frogs legs !!

A friend came to tea midweek armed with chocolate eclairs, another day we made sausages & coconut ice, chocolate pancakes for breakfast, another day a chocolate fondue…healthy because fruit was used for the dip & my large coffee cake was demolished by the week end….not to mention depletion of my sweet jar. 🙂

Home made strawberry milk shakes & my latest passion for a milky nightcap..peanut butter,honey,oats,3 mins in micro & whizzed to a froth,yummy. Sounds mad but try it !

I have such lovely memories of Enid Blyton picnics for the Famous Five I can relive them when children come sans parents, no nagging about numbers etc. Frankly I think it all nonsense,having a sweet tooth & brought up by parents who owned a sweet shop we never had any problems,nor do I with these two who sleep soundly.

Traditionally each day starts with tea & biscuits in my large four poster bed, they bring in their pillow & we sit up to watch haunted house or have you been framed for an hour….it’s all very decadent & time has no meaning.

What makes you think I love being a granny ???

[As you will know by now,all photos will enlarge when clicked.]

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